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Retire? More and More People Say ‘Never’

Those who can't afford to stop working often say they'll never retire. In this article for Big Think, an online forum for ideas, Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD, explains why this increasingly popular retirement “plan” seldom works. Coughlin is the director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab.


Budgeting with Your 90s in Mind

In a Wall Street Journal article, reporter Suzanne Barlyn points out that a very long life is a blessing that has its risks and suggests strategies for financial survival into your 90s and beyond.


Will You Outlive Your Savings?

In this blog for CBS Money Watch, actuary Steve Vernon argues that you’ll outlast your nest egg unless you assume you’ll live considerably longer than the average life expectancy for someone your age and plan accordingly.


Poor Jane’s Almanac

In a 2011 New York Times op ed, Jill Lepore, an American history professor at Harvard University, draws lessons for today from the story of Benjamin Franklin’s sister, Jane. Both were born poor. He went from rags to riches, but Jane, denied an education, lived a heartbreakingly difficult life.


Retirements Roiled by Debt

More and more older people are drowning in credit card debt, writes New York Times journalist Sherisse Pham in this New Old Age blog. She describes how a number of older people got into desperate financial straits. There are solutions and she explores several of them.


The High Price of Caregiving

Family caregivers (mostly women) pay a tremendous price, financially and emotionally, to support those they love, and our government is failing them, says journalist Howard Gleckman in this post on his blog, Caring for Our Parents, which is named for his 2009 book.


Poor Planning Can Leave Widows Desperate

Blogging for CBS Money Watch, actuary Steve Vernon offers tips on how couples can ensure that if the husband dies, the wife doesn’t sink into poverty.


Different Decisions When the Future Feels Real?

Would seeing an age-morph—a computer generated image of you at an older age, say 68—motivate you to save for retirement? Some scientists believe it will, and research suggests they may be right, writes columnist Jason Zweig in a Wall Street Journal article. Zweig is the author of Your Money and Your Brain (2007).


No Retirement in Sight for Single Women

Widowed, divorced, never married: 40 percent of boomer women are single, and many can’t afford to retire, according to writer Mandy Locke in this Raleigh (NC) News & Observer news feature.


What To Do After You Retire: Get a Job

Journalist Sherisse Pham, writing for the New Old Age blog in the New York Times, tells us why “working after retirement” is no longer an oxymoron and why your post-retirement job could be the best yet.


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